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Our Vision

We believe in functional fitness for life. Whether you are training for the sport you love or for the ones you love, your total level of fitness is what's important. As a warrior, you need to be strong. you need to be fast. You need to endure.

Our Strength

You need to be agile. Most of all you need to be ready for anything that comes at you. Our programs give you the confidence, the concentration and the physical preparedness to archive your goals. 


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1. CrossFit Warrior Legion is a family.

2. Leave your ego at the door.

3. Everyone in our program must be supportive, encouraging,
 and willing to kick their butt for improved fitness.

4. We do functional movements. We do not use machines;
 We make them.

5. Quitting a workout is never acceptable. We can scale or
 modify, but we always finish a workout.

6. Life doesn’t distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic;
 neither do we.

7. We have a new and different workout almost every day.

8. If you don’t have fun doing CrossFit, you’re not doing

9. We don’t care what the scale says. We measure our fitness
 by strength, endurance and performance. When our
 performance improves, we start to look damn good too.

10. Fitness is never suppose to be easy; it is earned, worked in
 credibly hard for and can always be improved.

11. CrossFit will develop you mentally as it does physically. It
 will push, test and exceed your limitations while making
 you stronger than you’ve ever been.

12. Don’t ever hesitate to ask a question, either on this site or
 in person. Everyone wants to help in any way they can.

13. Your current fitness level, age, weight, gender or injuries
 will not affect your ability to CrossFit, but you must have
 the right mindset. We can scale a workout to fit anyone’s

Our Staff

Erik Bode


Owner / Coach 

Wendy Bode


Owner / Coach

Terri Davis


Owner / Coach

John Feinberg


Owner / Coach

Diana Feinberg


Owner / Coach

Liz Downs


L1 CrossFit Coach

Alex Wilkens


L1 CrossFit Coach

David Cruz